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Why is my dryer is overheating..

Why is my dryer is overheating..

ok now my dryer is over heating on all cycles?? what would be causing this problem.. replacing the thermal fuse made the dryer run a cycle but only HOT air is coming out.. when the cycle is done the clothes are too hot to touch.. please help

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Nena, this could be caused by a bad thermostat or a failed thermal cutoff/ The thermal cutoff is a non-resettable device. The cutoff temperature is 178°C (352°F). Of course clean your dryer vents and make sure the airflow is not obstructed.
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"Heating Element

A defective heating element can make a dryer too hot. If the element partially shorts out, it can produce heat all the time, regardless of whether the dryer is calling for heat. Remove the heating element to inspect it. The coils should not be touching each other or anything else.

Other Causes and Conditions

Air Flow Problem

Dryers need good ventilation to work properly. If the vent is clogged it can make the dryer too hot. Clean all of the vent tubing thoroughly.

Cycling Thermostat

Although not common, a defective cycling thermostat can make the dryer too hot. The cycling thermostat is supposed to turn on and off the heat to maintain the proper temperature. If the thermostat is defective it may keep the heat on too long. The thermostat is not adjustable or repairable, it must be replaced.

Felt Seal

Most dryers have a felt seal at the front and rear of the drum to keep the heat inside the drum. If the felt seal is worn away or missing, the dryer may keep heating and make the dryer too hot. This is not common.

Blower Wheel

A defective blower wheel will not spin properly and will not vent the hot air, making the dryer too hot. Check to see if there is adequate airflow out of the dryer."
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Pull the dryer from the wall. Disconnect the vest hose. If you have a leaf blower, take the long tube off so you only have the motor asm in your hands. Stick the blower opening where the tube went into the opening in the well. Turn on the blower and let it run for a about 5 minutes. You would be surprised what come out the other end! That will help in the proper air flow in the dryer.
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I have seen the heating element come on high , even when Air dry is selected, which should be NO HEAT! This is usually caused by a bad control board. The board located near the upper left hand side of the dryer on the older kenmore and whirpool models. This board is fairly expensive to replace, for myself here in Canada anyway. if you do replace it, make sure you get the proper replacement , as they all look the same but will not function in different dryers most of the time.
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My beko DCU 8230 gets very hot I've cleaned it all through tried the button on the back incase it was that but still overheating
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I tried replacing the control board, heating element, and several sensors (more then $150 in parts), but still had the same problem. On about the 5th or 6th time I had disassembled the dryer I noticed that the connector for the moisture sensor (which I had to disconnect every time I took the front panel off) had some tape around it that had slipped down and exposed some of the wires in the back of the connector. The connector was directly behind the front panel and I realized that it might be touching the panel occasionally and shorting/creating a false signal in the moisture sensor circuit. I re-taped the connector and put everything back together, and I haven’t had a problem since, for over six months now.