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Why is my FireFox text not anti-aliased?

Why is my FireFox text not anti-aliased?

In Firefox my chrome text isn't anti-aliased.

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"I would recommend checking this HowToGeek article on ClearType to tweak your settings and to make it the way you want it to be

Tune Your ClearType Font Settings in Windows Vista

Many people have expressed to me their
dislike of the default ClearType font
smoothing in Windows Vista, and asked
for a way to change the settings to
something better. You have a couple of
options here:

You can just Disable or Enable ClearType. (Note that if you are
still using a CRT monitor, you should
not be using ClearType anyway.)
Install Microsoft’s ClearType Tuner PowerToy for XP (which works in Vista,
even if it says it doesn’t)"