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Why is my mouse pointer moving on its own?

Why is my mouse pointer moving on its own?

After two months of working correctly, I am experiencing an strange and very annoying problem. My mouse pointer is moving on its own. If I move the mouse to the left, as soon as I stop the movement, the pointer runs again to the far right. This makes the mouse totally unusable.

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"I have solved the problem. I am explaining what I did, for the record. Hope this helps someone else. I don't know exactly what step did solve the problem, anyway, here is the complete things I did.

I first changed different settings in mouse control panel. I set a lower pointer speed and disabled the enhanced pointer precision setting. And I disa bled the device.

I restarted the PC.

After restarting, I enabled the device back.

Now the mouse works correctly. Although its speed is a little lower."
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"This will be a solution for only a very few. About a year ago I bought a wireless optical mouse. Once again (I had one before) after a few months I had trouble with it, so I said, ""@#*#%@^""; I've had it with wireless. I'll get a corded optical mouse, and did so.

Well, my corded mouse after about a year started acting up. The mouse pointer would dance a little jig whenever I stopped moving it. At intervals of about a second or so it would have a quiet spell before it started dancing again. I tried every answer listed above. No luck.

Then I noticed that there was a device that looked like a flash drive right next to the USB port I was using for the mouse and it was flashing at about the same frequency that my mouse was jigging. I pulled it out; it wasn't a flash drive; it was the receiver for my wireless optical mouse that I neglected to remove when I tossed the wireless mouse. My mouse pointer is now rock steady.

I know this is a very unique solution but it might help some of you."
Guest [Entry]

"I had a similar problem. See Microsoft Optical mouse - cursor moves.

I selected the answer which had to do with a dark background, and it seemed to work

However, just this week I had to replace my mouse also as it failed completely.

I believe there were 2 proper answers: Black background and : failing mouse"