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Why is my whirlpool cabrio washer leaking water on floor

Why is my whirlpool cabrio washer leaking water on floor

Why does my whirlpool Cabrio washer leak water on the floor during first fill

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"Hi @ Jessie Gloria,

If there is water leaking into the washer tub, try turning off the taps that the washer’s hot and cold hoses are connected to and check if there is water in the tub in the morning.

If there isn’t any water in the tub, you have a leaking water inlet solenoid valve in the washer. They cannot be repaired, they have to be replaced

To prove which one it is, either the hot or the cold solenoid valve, close one tap at a time and then check a bit later for any water leak in the tub to prove whether it is the hot or the cold water inlet that is the problem.

What is the make and model number of the washer?

You can search online for (insert washer make and model number) parts to get results for suppliers so that you know how much a replacement solenoid valve is.

Some suppliers even have videos on how to install them.

You may also wish to check the hose filters in case they are broken and allowing grit etc to enter the solenoid and possibly preventing it from sealing properly when closed.

The filters are located at the end of the hoses where they screw into the machine."
Guest [Entry]

"Does this only happen on the initial fill? Or does it happen rinse cycles too? Where is the leak coming from?

Sometimes, the rubber seals on the water inlet hoses don’t work well or the hoses aren’t tight/snug.

The fill cycle pulls water from the inlet hoses and sometimes (due to water pressure), the jolt caused by this can cause hoses to loosen over time.

My first recommendation is to check the inlet hoses, and verify that they are tight and still serviceable. After that, start a cycle (on hot and cold temp so both hoses pull water) and check for leaks. The leak persists, allow it to run and search for the source.

However, the hoses are often times the culprit.

Hope this helps."
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"I have water under my Cabrio Platinum washing machine. I found the leak on mine. I removed the back panel and watched as I ran a load of wash. There is a very small intermittent leak at the top of the tub plastic tub. It appears to be water splashing up and out of the tub. Small drops migrate out and drip down to the floor.

I've taken a photo of the back of the machine with the back panel removed and you can clearly see the white water staining on the plastic tub. These are the leaky spots.

Hope this helps, unfortunately I don't know how repair this issue."
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"Hi @chileverde78,

I’m wondering if the problem is with the water level pressure switch allowing too much water into the machine for a full load.

Unfortunately the spare parts diagrams don’t show the switch as a spare part, only the location of the hose that connects to it and it is not very helpful. See part #5 Motor, Tub and basket parts diagram"
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"I finally found the leak:

The pump was leaking out of the spade connectors. I bought a cheap internet replacement pump, installed it, and no more leak."