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Why is there no sound coming from my laptop?

Why is there no sound coming from my laptop?

When I bought my laptop, it had wonderful sound, but after using it for a while, the sound stopped working. What happened, and how do I fix it?

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"If sound has stopped working there are few tips you can try.

At first, Make sure that Audio Devices are enabled on your Windows 8 PC. You will have to go through volume icon beside notification area on taskbar and right click on the icon. Further Click on Playback Devices and enable through properties menu box.

If issue is fixed then it is OK, otherwise Update Audio Device Drivers.

If you have set auto install for Windows update on your windows 8 PC the drivers will be updated automatically. After setting never check for updates your Windows couldn't install the updates coming from Microsoft. In this situation go to Device manager and update the Device driver manually thanks"
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update the sound driver that will help before changing the motherboard . remove all older version of software and download the sound driver from here https://www.asus.com/support/Download/3/... and see if this works nd get the problem fixed
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Kevin Yang, check in your device manager and verify the status of your audio device. Reinstall your driver and see what you get then. Also, attach some external speakers and see if you still have sound.
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If you do not hear sound coming from the laptop, first check if the sound is muted or set to low on the laptop and application. If this is not the case, your speakers may be blown out. Check the troubleshooting page for more details.
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Assuming that you tried putting on Headphones or External Speaker and still doesn't work, Try going to Windows Services then search for Windows Audio, Right Click it then Select "Restart", Otherwise go to Speaker Properties then Choose Enhancments then Tick Disable all Enhancments. Finally Try Disabling your Sound Driver through Device Manager then Enable it..
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"After a Realtek MEDIA driver windows update no sound anymore on my Asus K53SV (Windows 7 - 64) - dreaded red cross where the speaker icon should be. 3 days insanely looking for a solution, reinstalling Realtek drivers, tried all the official Asus versions, also versions directly downloaded from Realtek.

Hotkeys neither working anymore, reinstalled ATK drivers package, but didn't work either (solved by letting run ""C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey\HControl.exe"" under XP compatibility mode).

The REAL SOLUTION to the problem finally found here:


The solution is for Windows 10, but the problem was exactly the same for my Windows 7 installation: not enough rights in the registry on


Gave ""User"" full control rights, reboot and problem solved!"