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Why won't Adobe Reader display embedded PDFs correctly?

Why won't Adobe Reader display embedded PDFs correctly?

I have a user who cannot view embedded PDFs within Internet Explorer. He's currently running version 9.3. When he downloads a PDF to his machine and opens it with Adobe Reader, he can view it just fine. I've checked all the obvious settings/configuration as listed below. What else could I try to make this work?

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"This problem is described and addressed in the Adobe Forums here:


""Steve Ragan's article in The Tech Herald gives you the correct information.
Essentially, you must install Acrobat Reader (AR) version 9.3 and then IMMEDIATELY open AR and Check for Updates in the Help Menu. Your should get an offer to update to: Adobe Reader 9.3.1 (CPSID_50570). Download and install this update. I did so and now am able to easily and very quickly open any PDFs from within the website where I am working.
Success at last!! Hurrah!""

Hope this solves your issue."
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Well the following worked for me. I uninstalled the Adobe AIR program, then ran the repair option within Add/Remove programs for Adobe 9.3. I have IE8 and now I can launch pdfs within the browser. I would try the repaiar option first before uninstalling Adobe AIR if you have it installed.