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Why won't my computer boot?

Why won't my computer boot?

My computer was not booting any more (black screen, no beeps). I tried to remove the RAM and boot and again, black screen, no beeps. Does that mean that my motherboard is dead?

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Guest [Entry]

"Did you have a PC Speaker wired or a sound card of some sort?

If your speaker path is not ready at boot up, the beeps would not be heard

the board has AC'97 Realtek audio
(I assume you are using that and not a secondary card)
Confirm that the speaker path is wired

If you have wired your speaker from the green jack on the port cluster that should be good
(refer to the bottom of the ASUS review link below to see what I mean).

The ASUS A8V Deluxe is a good board; would not expect bad components

however, that does not preclude a capacitor problem due to bad power or age
So, do check for blown capacitors

The board has a green LED (left-bottom on the link above),

does it light up when you try to boot?
If it does not light up, you have a power path problem (the PSU or board power devices)

Your first target should be to reconfirm all hardware on the board is properly seated

this would be the memory sticks and cards
you want to get back to the beeps or a BIOS screen"