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Why Won't My MacBook Auto-Detect Windows 7 PCs in My Network?

Why Won't My MacBook Auto-Detect Windows 7 PCs in My Network?

I used to run Windows XP on my computers. When I would use my MacBook, it would automatically show the computers in the left pane in Finder. Clicking on these would show me their network shares. I upgraded the computers to Windows 7 by reformatting, and now my MacBook won't do this. I can still connect to the computers using CMD + K but I kind of appreciated the ability for my Mac to auto-detect the computers.

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Guest [Entry]

"I figured out how to make it auto detect your windows 7 computer on your macbook.
Go to the airport network preferences. Then click advanced and after that the WINS tab select your workgroup and then put in the ip address of your windows computer. This should make it auto detect your windows 7 pc.

p.s. I'm running leopard"
Guest [Entry]

"When I installed Windows 7 the default networking mode was not home, but something like public. This is actually a highly suspicious mode for using in cafés and street corners. No services will be advertised, and and I believe most types of sharing connections will be denied. The Home and Work (or is it Office) modes trust a little more than that and actually allow others to detect the machine on the network.

You set the mode by going to the ""Control Panels"" > ""Network and Sharing Center"". You should see the window divided in 4 parts the left margin, the top mini-map (Windows 7 -> Network -> The Internet), an active network below that, and below that, options.

If your network looks like a park bench, it is set as a public network. If you click on the ""Public Network"" linked text (frustratingly not the actual bench icon), you get a popup to pick a ""Home Network"" showing a house with a shield, or a ""Work Network"" showing two glass buildings with a shield.

Aren't they just adorable those little Microsoft CHI workers. Working so hard to make little concept art pieces and burying them in some unknowable location?"