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Why won't my tablet charge or turn on?

Why won't my tablet charge or turn on?

I recently bought a new charger and the first hour it was charging since it was on 0% i then took the charger out and the tablet wont turn on, i tried EVERYTHING, including touching the screen while holding down on button, holding down the volume buttons while holding down the power button, i even let it sit with the charger in for like 24hours and repeating those steps. STILL NOTHING. is it the charger? any suggestions?

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"My tab2 also refuses to charge if the battery gets too low. This is how I fix mine.

Disconnect charger

Hold power button and volume up button for 30 seconds

Keep holding buttons while plugging in charger

Hold buttons for another 30 secs

Release power button keeping volume button pressed

Tab starts to charge

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This problem has been recognized by Samsung, it's a factory thing, all You need to do, is open your tab, remove the battery cable for about 10 mins and plug it back again, unplug the screen from the motherboard, and charge it for about, two hours, then plug back the screen connector, and turn it on, if you see it works, turn off the tablet again, and plug in the power cord again, you'll see the charging animation starts, leave it charging for the time you think it's necessary to reach 100%, unplug the cable and turn it on, your tablet is alive, the only problem I've found about this, is that you'll need to turn the tablet completely off whenever you want to charge it, and finally this, VERY IMPORTANT! When your tablet is below 15 or 10% battery, charge it, because if you let the battery die, probably you'll have to do all the steps again.
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"Samsung Tablet SM-T580

(Galaxy Tab A 10.1) WiFi Only

4 months old as of 11 Sept 2017

Wouldn't show charging.

Wouldn't turn on despite being on a reliable charger all night.

Completely unresponsive even after trying multiple different chargers and cables .

Removed Micro SD Card

Tried the Volume up +power thing for 15-20 secs... No response.

Pressed power and DOWN volume at the same time for 15-20 secs.

Charge screen popped up, pressed power and it turned on.

Hope this works for someone else."
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"This is an old thread, but hopefully it will help someone. The issue is that the tablet requires some battery life in order to enter charge mode. With most tablets this is typically around the 4% battery life mark. If you go below this point, the tablet does not have enough power to enter the charge state. This was a common problem for the Black Berry Playbook.

The solution is to use a rapid charger to boost it. The rapid charger that comes with the galaxy s6 or s7 will work. You can also try an external battery pack as they generally run on the same rapid charge principle."