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Why won't USB Plug & Play work?

Why won't USB Plug & Play work?

We have a relatively young Acer laptop. Aspire 6930, 64-bit, 4GB RAM, Vista Home Premium SP1, Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2GHz, etc.

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"Just a thought
Try one of the leading Linux live CD’s. Redhat , Ubuntu or Mandriva. If after booting they can see the USB ports or attached drives the problem is most likely software. If it still does not work it may be hardware failure.
You might also try to charge a USB 2.0 device like a MP3 player or a Blackberry from the port
Good luck"
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"If you know how to do it, use a multimeter to check the +5V on the USB ports. They are supposed to have a fuse or some sort of protection against short-circuit, and it is possible that the three ports are wired together to the same protection circuit, and it has burned out.

If you have not tried yet, try booting into a recent Linux Live CD (Ubuntu 9.04 or Fedora 11, for instance) and see if it works there (probably will not, but it does not cost much to try); this should rule out anything operating-system related."