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Why wont my camera connect to my phone

Why wont my camera connect to my phone

My cameras ssid shows up on my phone but it keeps on saying negotiation please wait until it stops trying

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"I was able to get it working by using another app, Camera Connect & Control. It let me enter IP address of the camera once connected.

You have to go to the camera WIFI setting and find out its IP address from “DHCP server IP address”.Once you connect from you phone app, you need to put in IP from step 1.click the check box and then the arrow to connect.

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I had this problem - I reformatted the sd card and this seemed to ease the problem - just erasing the photos is not enough the card needs to be reformatted after you have saved the files - hope this makes sense and helps!
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I came to the same issue with my P900. Just realized that there might be connectivity issues with android 8.0+ and the WMU app for Android.
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"Apparently we just have to try again and againd luckly or not it will connect if the planets are aligned.
With android 12, using the WMU after the wifi connection was made but still in f***ing negociation.
This time the negociation last few seconds and it was OK..

I changed the SSID name and password but I don’t think its important as the connection works and not the negociation.

Good luck guy/girls, and go to work Nikon team !"