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Why would a computer run very hot?

Why would a computer run very hot?

I have a non-standard machine and it seems to run very hot; the CPU fan whirls so loudly I can hear it in the other room (the case is open, mostly because the side got lost at some point).

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"There could be a few reasons:

problem with the hardware itself
improper heat dissipation
dusty/dirty components
bad environment for the machine (ie, inside a small confined space without ventilation)
improperly applied thermal paste, or it may need new thermal paste.

among others that I can't think of right now.

The multiple temp values are different readings. If you press the configure button in speedfan, you can see where the readings are from:"
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"Fans usually get louder at the end of their life. They have moving parts that wear out over time. If that fan isn't old, then the size makes it sound louder. A larger fan spins at a slower rate producing a lower frequency than smaller fan trying to move the same amount of air. The lower frequency isn't as annoying.

You should get a case with a side on it. Not having a side on the case messes up the airflow which means the heat generated in the case is not being efficiently transferred out of the case. Try putting a piece of cardboard where the side used to be and watching the temperature. It should make a noticeable difference."
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Cleaning out the dust from the heatsink and fan will help bring the temperature down. If you're willing to spend a little cash you should invest in a case that'll help promote proper airflow or a heatsink made of copper. From my experience high temperatures in excess of 150 F are normal for PC components (especially GPUs) so as long as you're not experiencing any issues like sudden, random and warning-less lockups or restarts. I think heat would only affect performance if it got so high the motherboard started throttling the CPU/GPU to cool it back down.