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Widescreen monitors for dual, triple, quad screen setup?"

Widescreen monitors for dual, triple, quad screen setup?"

As a programmer, it is a pain to work with 1 monitor, I generally have at least 2. My last setup was 2 19" monitors, they were not widescreen they were just regular. In fact I have never used a widescreen monitor and now it seems that is all you see in a store pretty much.

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"Generally, they are a little thinner from top to bottom - however getting a higher resolution bigger screen (22"" 1920x1200) more than makes up for this!

I have two monitors and really want a third - The fact is, one is not enough for modern day work, two is a good amount to work with as it allows you to compare / reference whilst working but I think that three is the best amount as it means you can do your dual monitor work whilst having a third for your every day stuff (internet browsing, refreshing superuser.com! etc.)

I have seen many people with widescreen monitors that use them for displaying two windows side by side, however I really just can't work like that... Another good use that I set up for one customer is to rotate them and use them portrait. (My client has three with the middle one set up like this - it is amazing!)

Anyway, go for it - you won't regret it. Just make sure you get at least 1920x1200, DVI and HDMI with HDCP and it should last you for years to come!"
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"For people who are in your situation you might consider the AMD Eyefinity feature on their newest Radeon video cards. These support up to six DisplayPort connectors, hence up to six video screens. The video card can render all six as a single very large surface. Then, you could go out and get something like the Alienware super widescreen monitor which appears to use three seamlessly merged monitor screens with just a single bezel to encompass them all. No break-ups in the middle where the panels are butted up to each other.

Put these in a side-by-side, top-over-bottom (horizontal or vertical) configuration and now you have a smokin' system to brag about :)"