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Will leaving the laptop power brick connected to the power socket be dangerous?

Will leaving the laptop power brick connected to the power socket be dangerous?

My co-workers (who worked with the company longer than I have) loves to remove their laptop's power cord when they need to move around the office.

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"Can I flip this around and ask why you think it is dangerous?

Is it the danger of it bursting into flames? (Miniscule)
Is it the heat given off by the brick perhaps melting nearby items? (Maybe - chocolate?)
Is it the trip hazard from the cables? (On a desk?)
Is it the untidiness? (People are messy...)
Is it the energy waste? (~1W from this Coding Horror post)

None of those strike me as 'dangerous'. Sorry."
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as long as the power supply gets warm/hot despite unused, you've got a brilliant argument for energy saving.
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"Hypotheticaly it can be dangerous in some cases:

Some one walks over a cord and falls down and breaks something.
There is a water leakage somwhere near and you risk a short circuit.
Somebody can plug it in some other non-compatible device and break it.

But there is no any threat to adapter itself in keeping ac adapter plugged into wall outlet while laptop is unplugged."
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"I disagree with the power load being minimal. I was trying to track down some powere consumption issues, and discovered that the Dell bricks (for monitors as well as laptops) draw a fair amount of power even when the monitor is switched off. If you want to test this lazily just watch it remain warm even when not connected.

Dangerous - probably not, except as a trip hazard."
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"I don't like leaving a laptop supply plugged in, because some power connectors have exposed contacts and if they hit a metal desk or chair leg, they may short out. It's not likely to start a fire, but it will usually kill the adapter.

The good adapters will be wired with a coaxial connector with the hot end on the inside (most Dells). Some will not. USB power connectors, more common now, are relatively safe as well."