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Will this watch be able to play .acx files (audiobooks)

Will this watch be able to play .acx files (audiobooks)

I've had a couple of runners call and ask me this about the new watch. I know the old watch could patch in via an iPhone but then the runner got out of range. Does anyone know if this problem has been resolved on the new watch?

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"Sorry @mayer I didn't see your posting before now.

The series 1 & 2 watch are both still very much tethered to your iPhone for any content with the current release of WatchOS.

What is coming in the fall in the new WatchOS (unless you get the Beta for both the phone & watch now) is the ability to download some songs and play lists to your watch. They didn't state if .acx files would work or not. That was presented in the presentation last week.

I would recommend they get onto the Beta program and add it to the comments they can post under it. That is by far the best way to get enhancements done."