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Winamp has slow /skipping video playback on Windows 7

Winamp has slow /skipping video playback on Windows 7

I have Windows 7 x64 (7600 90-day trial version) and Winamp 5.6 installed. When I play a video in Windows Media Player, the video plays smooth, however when I play a video in winamp, the video is mostly ok when played back at the original size (but not completely), but if I play it back in fullscreen, the playback gets really slow. The video's audio track plays just fine.

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Guest [Entry]

"It's not necessarily the codecs, could be the implementation of how Winamp displays video frames. If it's using old-school 2D pixel updates than moving from a small output window to a large full screen window dramatically increases the number of pixels being written.

Similarly, are you going ""full screen"" or ""maximized window""? These are two discrete concepts, the latter probably means that too many pixels are being written.

If you set VLC to not use the Direct3D display mechanics the performance for it goes to poo also. Checking to see what options Winamp has here would be appropriate.

If the video plays okay in Windows Media Player than it's probably not the codecs, as IIRC WMP and WinAmp use the same codecs at runtime ( VLC has them built in )."