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Window Screen Shot?

Window Screen Shot?

I am running VMware Fusion 3.0.1 in a MacBook Pro and I have a Windows 7 guest OS. In the "Virtual Machine" menu item, there is a "Send Key" option and there is an option for "Print Scrn", but that takes the entire desktop and not just the window that I want to capture. How do I go about sending "Alt + Print Scrn"? I've tried holding down the "Alt" (option) key while trying the Virtual Machine -> Send Key -> Print Scrn, but that doesn't work. Or is my only option to attach an external Windows keyboard?

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Guest [Entry]

"My Mac keyboard has an F13, which apparently maps to Print Screen. So Option-F13 works just fine.

To help figure this out, or create an alternative, open the Preferences dialog, and in the Keyboard & Mouse page, you can add a Key Mapping. You can choose any key combo that maps to Alt-PrintScrn.

Click the + in the bottom right: a sheet drops down. In the From section, put the cursor in the entryfield, and press keys to figure out if the key has any secondary meaning. On my keyboard, F14 is Scroll Lock and F15 is Pause."