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Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode, run webcam?

Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode, run webcam?

I have a webcam that's built into my laptop. No drivers exist for a 64-bit environment (thank you Sony!). Can I somehow publish the webcam from Windows XP Mode into my Windows 7 environment?

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Guest [Entry]

"The other answers don't seem to quite answer. There are two possible questions:

Can I use my webcam inside XP Mode when running 64-bit Windows 7? (what the other people answered)

Answer: Maybe yes. Virtual PC allows you to attach USB devices to the virtual host, but I'm not sure if the built-in webcam will show up as a internal USB device or something else

Can XP Mode somehow magically make my webcam work for apps that are not running in XP Mode? (What it seems like you are asking)

Answer: No. I can't think of anyway this would work."
Guest [Entry]

It would probably work if it was a USB-camera. At least there is support for that in VMware Workstation. But Windows XP Mode is just another virtual machine in that regard, and probably won't see your builtin webcam.