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Windows 7 blank DVI screen

Windows 7 blank DVI screen

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I had an issue during installation; after setup rebooted instead of going to the 'Completing installation' screen I just got a blank screen. I eventually(!) figured out that this meant 'un-plug your second monitor to proceed'. When I did this, installation completed in a snap and everything runs fine. However, whenever I plug my second monitor into my PC, it gets no signal, the primary monitor removes all windows. Icons, the taskbar and the cursor just shows the desktop wallpaper.

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"You need to run the nVidia Control Panel. In there, you will find 'Run Multiple Display Wizard'. This will guide you through getting both of your screens working they way you want.

If you have the control panel installed, you should be able to find it under Start> Search box for 'nvidia control panel'. If not, you'll need to download it from http://www.nvidia.com."