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Windows 7 can't make back up

Windows 7 can't make back up

I've been trying to get Windows 7 to make a backup for a week or so. I'm backing up to a local NAS and I'm getting this error:

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"I believe the error is what it claims to be : your hard disk space ran out in the process of creating the zip file.

290GB free is useless if you have a 1TB hard disk, and you are backing up 600+ GB of files. What happens with Windows Backup is that it will attempt to create the zip file on your local hard disk first - if you have 600GB file of files you might need 400GB (or more even). So, while 7 happily zips up your files, totally oblivious that as the backup zip file gets bigger and bigger, it eats into the existing free space, and will eventually run into the problem where there is simply not enough space anymore to finish zipping up the file.

Solution : Move some data off the local hard disk - if you are going to use Windows 7 backup, I recommend you have more than 40% disk space free (more will be better, of course).

Post your total hard disk configuration here : in short 290GB free out of ??? GB? Then we will be able to confirm whether will 7 backup work for you."
Guest [Entry]

"This MS TechNet thread, suggests a couple of potential causes...

Your anti-virus or compression program is interfering with the backup process
You are dual booting Windows 7 using BootMagic or some other boot manager

If 1:
Try unassociating your compression program with Zip files and turning off your anti-virus while running the backup.

If 2.
You might need to set up Windows to use its internal boot manager."