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Windows 7 computer not waking for home server backup

Windows 7 computer not waking for home server backup

I have just installed Windows 7 and now my computer won't wake from hibernate for nightly backups from Windows Home Server. As soon as I turn it on the morning it will backup then. It was running with no problems on Vista and I haven't changed any other settings in the bios and things. I found on the network adapter in bios that there was an option to allow this device to wake the computer, I have checked that but it still won't wake. Is there anything that I can do? I have seen other questions similar to this on here but non had a useful answer.

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Guest [Entry]

"See this article:
Wake up your computer from standby or hibernation, perform an action, and send it back. Automatically.

It describes a freeware named WakeUpFromStandby, available for Vista (which might still work on Windows 7):

Can restore almost every Windows-based
operating system from a Stand-by mode
(and some from hibernation) that
support ACPI (Advanced Configuration
and Power Interface) (For support
check computer's BIOS as well as
Control Panel -> Power Options);"