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Windows 7 detects my 1 TB disk as a disk with only 31 MB space

Windows 7 detects my 1 TB disk as a disk with only 31 MB space

I've added another 1 TB Western Digital disk on my computer (there is a disk with 250 GB already), and after booting to Windows 7, it recognise the disk, but in the Disk Management panel, it says the disk has only 31 MB TOTAL space, so is what it shows in the EVEREST information.

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"For whatever reason the drive is mis-reporting its size. To fix this you need to go to http://blog.atola.com/ and download ""Atola Technology HDD Restore Capacity Tool."" Launch the program and select the drive that you are having the problem with. Click the Restore Capacity button. When it is finished fixing your disk you should shut down your computer and leave it off for at least 10 seconds before turning it on again. When you boot your computer your disk should be back to its correct capacity.

See Restore factory Hard Drive Capacity When HDD Shows up as 32MB for more info."
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"Use this software:


It seems that many 1TB hard disks are recognized as 32MB on Win 7, the above software helped me to fix the problem!!


Good luck!"
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"I have two of the WD10EADS from NEW. One is mine and the other is my brother's which he can't use because his BIOS is too old. I use mine on my GA-G31m-ES2L and it works brilliantly. When I try to store stuff on his I can't. It doesn't detect full size. Even setting the Precomp/hd/lz etc.. it only says 300 Gb approx.

I will try whese methods above as the HD couldn't have passed quality control if it was Nackered New. I'll Return with results.

PS: 31 Megabyte is detected in BIOS and Windows XP and 7. I guess this would be the Buffer 32 MB (32 MB / 1.024 = 31.25 ?)"