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Windows 7 - Faster applications/windows switcher, e.g., by typing application's name? [closed]

Windows 7 - Faster applications/windows switcher, e.g., by typing application's name? [closed]

I sometimes have many running applications and switching between them with Alt+Tab becomes very tedious. I would like to be able to switch between tasks/windows more quickly. The perfect solution for me would be an application that lets me start typing a window's title and offers a classic auto-complete drop down list to choose from.

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There is a free application called Switcher that boasts many features, one of which is a keyword search integration amongst all open applications. You can read a review of the application on Technospot.
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"The lovely autohotkey scripting language!

settitlematchmode, RegEx
regex= i)%1%
sleep 100
winactivate, %regex%

This takes a command line option of what window you want to switch to (case insensitive regex), so is perfect for somebody already using an application launcher such as Executor, Launchy, so on."
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"Here's another one: iSwitcher is an autohotkey script that:

filters through a list of open windows as you type—with a semi-transparent dialog accessible by simply pressing the Caps Lock key.

More info at Lifehacker"
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"Windows Task Manager may actually be what you want. 
Invoke it (e.g., by Ctrl+Shift+Esc), go to the “Applications” tab (if you aren’t there already), select the task you want to go to (click or cursor down or type the first letter of its name), and press Enter or click on “Switch To” or double-click on the task name.

Another answer is Win+n; it will go to the nth task on the taskbar.  If you want a certain combination (e.g., Win+5) to always go to a certain program, you should pin it to the taskbar.  (If the task has multiple windows, hold Win while you press n repeatedly, and it will cycle through the windows.)"