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Windows 7 - Favorites folders in the My Computer window

Windows 7 - Favorites folders in the My Computer window

I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise. When I click on a favorite folder (left hand pane) in a My Computer window, it opens into a new window even though I have the folder options set to "open each folder in the same window". Is there anyway to change this?

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Guest [Entry]

"Love it when people suggest conflicting things on forums...
These things are all claimed to solve your problem!

Suggestion 1:

Have a look at this registry key and
check that it says: None


Suggestion 2:

My Fix:

open ""regedit"" (Start/Run...)

go to

and change the (Default) field to
""open"" (without the quotes)


Suggestion 3:

1- open the registry editor (Winkey+R
and type in ""regedit"")

2- Navigate to

3- Find the ""Explorer"" key and delete
it, it will be then recreated.

4- Reboot

** Please keep you should always back up
your registry before you make registry
edits. Also, this is something I found
through a Google search and although
people have reported it works for them
I can't be sure as I haven't tried it.**

Last resort: