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Windows 7 File Transfer Speed over Gigabit is slow

Windows 7 File Transfer Speed over Gigabit is slow

"I've got windows 7 pro running on my file server and my main desktop. Each has a gigabit network connection and I'm connected to a gigabit switch. However, when trying to copy some large files, it's running pretty slow at a measly 12-15 MB/s
The data is coming from a 7200RPM SATA drive (which I think should be good for almost 150MB/s) and going to a Drobo on the server connected via FireWire 800, so I can't think of any bottlenecks I might have in the hardware. But TeraCopy still says it's only going at 12-15 MB/s"

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"I'm running Windows 7 using Parallels/Boot Camp on a 3.4 Ghz Quad Core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM. Network transfer speeds were between 2 - 60k per second, until I followed the advice in a Cake404 post regarding Broadcom network cards.

After turning off Ethernet@WireSpeed and disabling ""Large Send Offload"" options (under the configuration settings for the network card), my transfer speeds went up to multiple megabytes per second."
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"There are many possible choke points -- However Windows 7 SP1, can and does run VERY fast over Gigabit Ethernet.

I just transferred several gigabytes worth of large files from two disks on my PC to a Synology NAS Box (DS1010+). That pair of Explorer.exe driven transfers reached 118.25Megabytes/sec ( 950 Megabits/sec ) which is 95% saturation of my switched Gigibit Ethernet network, including running through multiple Dlink Gigabit Switches."
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One thing that is worth a try before going crazy with anything else is to switch the driver to not use Auto Negotiate for the speed but set it to 100MB/Full Duplex, test the transfer speed and then set it to 10MB/Full Duplex and test the transfer speed.
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"From: Increase your network data speed with this - config-customize - windows-7

Open the registry and browse the following branch:

If the following entries aren't already there, Create the DWORDs MaxCmds, MaxThreads and MaxCollectionCount under this
branch.Assign them a value of 30, 30and 32 respectively.
After you restart your system, you should experience an increase in the performance of your network transfers."