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Windows 7 minimal config

Windows 7 minimal config

I have an "old" athlon XP 3500 +, 1GB ram, ATI X1800. I would not install Vista on it, but do you think Windows 7 would run fine ?

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Guest [Entry]

"I am typing this using Windows 7 on a Pentium M 1.86 GHz laptop with 1GB of memory and it runs fine. I use the Windows 7 Basic theme (a non-Aero theme) and that seems to help quite a bit.

Right now I have about 460MB of physical memory available - currently running is:


All the default services are enabled, I did not do any tweaking there.

Even when running many more apps, I find the swapping speed is acceptable (although speed of your hard drive becomes critical here). If you expect to get great speed out of it running Photoshop or Lightroom, that's another story. But I really find little difference between using Windows 7 and XP in terms of speed on this machine."