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Windows 7 networking dead after PC Mover transfer from XP Pro

Windows 7 networking dead after PC Mover transfer from XP Pro

I am trying to help a friend who moved her apps, etc. from an older Windows XP Pro computer to a brand new Windows 7 Home Premium PC. This was done via the ethernet ports through a router. After the transfer completed and the Windows 7 PC rebooted, the network card no longer works.

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Guest [Entry]

"Ensure you also uninstall any non-Windows network adapter helper applications (as well as the driver itself), before reinstalling the driver.

Perhaps one of the apps that was moved via PC Mover happens to be an ""Internet Security"" package or a firewall?"
Guest [Entry]

"Some ideas you might have already tried:

Re-verifying the connection parameters. Please include them in the post.
Turn off IPv6.
Turn of all firewalls and anti-virus (especially the firewall of Win7).

You can also boot in Safe mode with Networking to see if the network card now works.
If it does, you have to track down the blocking application.
If it doesn't, then the network driver is nuked. Try to find a driver on the manufacturer's site, rather than with Windows Update.

Question: What do you mean that it doesn't work? Can it ping the router? What make & model?"