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Windows 7 on MacBook Pro w/ External Display

Windows 7 on MacBook Pro w/ External Display

Windows 7 is not recognizing my external display on my MacBook Pro. It has an NVidia GeForce 9400, but windows is just using it's generic pnp driver. I've tried downloading updates from NVidia, but they are not installing. Has anyone solved this one yet?

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"Just get the right drivers. Windows update should handle if for you, but if you want to try NVidia's latest, you need to know if you will use the Windows 7 32bit Geforce 9M notebook drivers or Windows 7 64bit Geforce 9M notebook drivers. These should install fine, if they don't you should tell us what it tells you about why it can't install them.

Update. The site now says:

As part of the NVIDIA Verde Notebook
Driver Program, this is a reference
driver that can be installed on
supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs.
However, please note that your
notebook original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) provides certified
drivers for your specific notebook on
their website. NVIDIA recommends that
you check with your notebook OEM about
recommended software updates for your
notebook. OEMs may not provide
technical support for issues that
arise from the use of this driver.

Which reminds me that I found the drivers for the MacBook's display on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Install/Upgrade DVD. Which was bundled in the boot camp installer for windows."
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I'm also using a MacBook with BootCamp. I installed the final release of Windows 7. The automatic update for Windows 7 installs the latest Nvidia drivers, and the multiple screen options within Windows 7 works pretty fine.