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Windows 7 PC becomes very slow on heavy copy

Windows 7 PC becomes very slow on heavy copy

My PC configuration: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 MHz, 3 GB RAM, Hitachi 160 GB + Samsung 320 GB HDD, Asus P5B-VM Motherboard. I was using Windows XP Profession on Hitachi HDD for 2 years. Found no problem when copying gigabytes of data in Hitachi hard disk from one place to another. I've recently started using Windows 7 Ultimate in newly bought Samsung HDD (model: HD322HJ). Now my PC becomes almost unusable when heavy copying occured. Any idea why this could happen? Both of my HDD's are SATA 3.0, 3 Gb/s speed. The new Samsung HDD is 7200 RPM which is greater than Hitachi's.

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"Defrag both drives, star using alternative copy manager (ex. Total Commander, TeraCopy).

Scan both drives with HD Tune (check overall health), check transfers."