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Windows 7 Printing Issue

Windows 7 Printing Issue

I am using Windows 7 RTM x64.

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"this is a simple problem that I also have had.

The solution is simple, the printer spoiler service is probably stopped, therefore you just have to start it.

Press Ctrl+ALT+Delete and open up task manager. Once you are there click on the services tap. Right-bottom of the task manager tap is a button saying 'services...' just click on that. Now a different application will open up with a list of all the services whether they are running or not. Over here search for 'printer spoiler' or a similar name that consists of the name 'printer'. Right-click on the service and press start. If you can't press start: right-click on the service and go to properties over there turn on the function that tells it start up automatically, now you will be able to start up the process. That's basically the problem that I have been having and is solved through this :D

I hope that I helped :)"