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Windows 7 - problems launching default application

Windows 7 - problems launching default application

Just built up a new W7 PC. I've noticed some strange issues with launching default applications.

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Guest [Entry]

"Double check that you have the application executable set to running as administrator for all users and not just the shortcut.

Right Click Shortcut
Click on Open File Location
Right Click on Executable
Select Properties
Select the Compatibility tab
Select change for all users
Tick 'Run as Administrator'

You can similate this when running notepad and explorer for example and it is by design in Windows 7.

Run notepad as administrator
Open a folder containing a Text file in Explorer
Drag file to notepad
Nothing happens

Effectively the system is trying to cross boundaries security wise which is not allowed in Windows. The above solution worked fine for me in both scenarios thought on both Vista and Windows 7."
Guest [Entry]

"I had the same issue described with Visual Studio--setting devenv.exe to run as administrator on W7 causes double-clicking on sln files to fail. I found that setting BOTH devenv.exe AND VSLauncher.exe (found under Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\MSEnv) to run as administrator resolved the issue and now double clicking sln files launches VS as an administrator.