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Windows 7 Refuses To Install To A Partition

Windows 7 Refuses To Install To A Partition

I have 4 HDDs in my PC on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3 rev1.0 motherboard on SATA ports 0-3 and running AHCI mode.

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"Firstly, ensure that all other external disk drives are disconnected. This includes USB sticks, card readers, USB hard drives, the works. This worked for lots of people with the same problem here.

Download the SATA RAID drivers from Gigabyte's website and stick the drivers from GSATA\Floppy32 onto a floppy disk (see below) :-)

Bung it in your floppy drive and use F6 during Windows 7 when prompted to supply the correct SATA RAID drivers. This may allow the setup program to properly communicate with the disks.

Failing the above, switch from AHCI to ATA in the BIOS and try it again, if possible. If you need to know how to do this, refer to the manual here."