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Windows 7 taskbar, create popup menus?

Windows 7 taskbar, create popup menus?

Is there a way in Windows 7 to create a single icon that pops up with a menu? I'm used to having True Launch Bar installed, but at the moment it doesn't integrate with the new taskbar/shortcut bar of Windows 7, so I'm missing it.

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What you want to get is Jumplist Launcher. It lets you add shortcuts into the program's jumplist so you always have them available and don't have to fill your taskbar with 20 different shortcuts.
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"7stacks might be what you seek.


use it and love it. :)"
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"Indeed, both 7stacks and Jumplists are useless, you can do this with LINKS and custom toolbars. In order to have a configuration like:


do the following:

create a new toolbar in the taskbar, put in the folder whatever links you need. Then drag this new toolbar in the left side, this will be the quick launch toolbar.
enable ""Links"" toolbar in the taskbar and drag it in the left side, near start button. Unlike the other toolbars, links will be seen as menus, just fill the folders inside with other folders or shortcuts.
You have to disable texts and titles accordingly, also resize icons if necessary. It will be even better then XP.

A medium person has about 50-100 application installed.....each one should be reached in maximum 2 clicks, this can be done best by stacked links near start menu."
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Try creating a new folder toolbar and then docking it all the way at the right. That way it won't show any icons until you press the >> button to show the popup menu. Sometimes the toolbar size gets messed up after you lock it again, but you can use this trick to fix it.
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get the setup from the author website.

""Please note that as opposed to the original QuickLaunch toolbar, the LaunchBar toolbar window cannot be manually resized, only positioned. It will always just be one button wide/high and adjusted to the number of buttons present."""