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Windows 7 taskbar groups to use vertical menus only, not thumbnails?

Windows 7 taskbar groups to use vertical menus only, not thumbnails?

I frequently have 10 or more windows of the same application (e.g. Outlook, Word, IE, etc.) open at one time. Windows 7's new taskbar grouping thumbnail feature shows a preview of open windows (aka thumbnails) when you single-click on the taskbar group for that application.

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"There's a registry key you can edit to get this behaviour even in modern versions of Windows 7:


Create a DWORD called NumThumbnails, and set it to 0 to achieve list mode for all taskbar groups.

Alternatively, you can set it to a number such as 3 or 4. Then apps with that many or fewer windows will use the thumbnails interface, but apps with more than that many windows will use the list mode.

This is my preferred setup, so that things like Outlook and Word still use thumbnails when I have 2-3 windows open, but Chrome and Windows Explorer (for which I typically have 10-15 windows open each) use the more informative list mode (""vertical menus"").

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You can also use a Basic and High Contrast Theme within Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization. You would lose the Aero features though.