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Windows 7 Virtual PC + Linux Ubuntu

Windows 7 Virtual PC + Linux Ubuntu

I've installed Ubuntu inside a virtual machine running on Windows 7's Virtual PC. One thing I've noticed right away is that it has to capture the mouse and not all the hardware works as expected. I didn't have such problems in my virtual Windows XP. Is there anything I need to do to either Virtual PC or within Ubuntu that will get them to cooperate as well as Windows XP seems to?

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If, in Virtual PC, you go to Tools>Install Integration Components (which should work in Ubuntu) you won't have those problems. It should allow seamless integration like XP Mode.
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"Ubuntu can be made to install but you need to change some boot options. Specifically add this:

vga=791 noreplace-paravirt

Full explanation how to do this here:


Linux Mint Debian works out of the box.

Edit: Linux Mint is unstable without noreplace-paravirt option, but the vga drivers work at least."
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"The slow way that might work:

Wait for the MS code to improve Linux in Virtual PC to get accepted into the Linux kernel and then wait for that kernel to get into Ubuntu (or put it in yourself)."