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Windows batch command to display all network connections?

Windows batch command to display all network connections?

What Windows (preferably XP) batch command will list all of the network connections that appear in the Network Connections dialog? I've tried RASDIAL, IPCONFIG, NETSTAT, and NET commands with various option combinations, but they only seem to show those that are actually connected. I want to see the ones not connected as well.

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Guest [Entry]

"See this Windows script : List Items in the Network Connections Folder:


Set objShell = CreateObject(""Shell.Application"")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(NETWORK_CONNECTIONS)
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.Self
Wscript.Echo objFolderItem.Path

Set colItems = objFolder.Items
For Each objItem in colItems
Wscript.Echo objItem.Name

Description: Reports the path to the Network Connections folder, and then lists any items found in that folder. For Windows NT 4.0 and
Windows 98, this script requires Windows Script Host 5.1 and Internet
Explorer 4.0 or later."
Guest [Entry]

"Maybe this from a batch file?

NetSh Interface httpstunnel Show Interfaces
NetSh Interface IPv4 Show Interfaces
NetSh Interface IPv6 Show Interfaces"