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Windows Blue Screen of Death

Windows Blue Screen of Death

What's the best approach for Windows XP that produce Blue Screen of Death and it goes so quickly that I can't even see what's the reason for it. Is there a way to somehow to look in the logs (without booting into Windows XP) maybe through recovery console? or what else in general can be done at this point?

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"The best option at this point is to do a reinstall. However you can also check any of the following for or try the following to see if the system still crashes.

Unplug all USB devices connected to the machine, including keyboard and mouse.
Review BIOS settings and check if any changes where made.
Try and do a check disk using an external tool, it could be a fault on the HDD.
Try and do a complete memory check.
Remove any new hardware that may have been installed.

Windows normally blue-screens at boot time due to a faulty driver or a hardware fault. I have had USB hard drives cause the fault, and also had the problem switching the hard drive mode in the BIOS from IDE to SATA.

You can try and get lucky with the pause key, but as far as I am aware there is no way to get to the event logs even through recovery console."
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"change the ""startup and recovery"" option where it says ""automatically restart"" and uncheck that box.

This is found by right clicking My Computer, Properties."
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"Use a camcorder to record the screen, then play back a frame at time. In my experience, the error message isn't going to be useful at all.

In my experience, removing the video driver (in safe mode) will remedy the problem. Once running again, reinstall the driver. This works a surprising percentage of the time."
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I had a similar problem once - I just recorded video on my iphone - and went frame by frame. The error - sent me in the right derection. I pulled the drive out - connected to another computer and deleted the offending driver. Put is back in and done.