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Windows Command queue?

Windows Command queue?

I'm thinking if does exist some kind of software that can put in a queue a bunch of windows commands. For example I can say to first copy some file somewhere, then rename those, then delete the old files, then edit one of them etc. without waiting the effective execution of any of those passages. This could be useful when copying big files that take a lot and I don't want to sit in front of the computer keeping the eyes on the progress bar.

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"You could also consider GNU Make for Windows. It's a single binary (as opposed to a typical scripting language), and can run different sequences of commands from one Makefile, with fine-grained control to continue or abort on any individual command failing. It also has much better per-target variable propagation and substitution mechanisms than a batch script.

I use it frequently to store and invoke short command sequences on Windows that I run more than once or twice, especially if I create the command sequence at a certain time and need to run it later."