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Windows default font messed up... but not everywhere

Windows default font messed up... but not everywhere

I'm on Windows XP.

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Guest [Entry]

"You've probably uninstalled the ‘MS Sans Serif’ font.

Autoruns's dialog resources are all specified with the property:

FONT 8, ""MS Sans Serif""

Instead of one of the more usual UI fonts such as the ‘MS Shell Dlg’ mapping. So without ‘MS Sans Serif’ or any substitute available, Windows falls back to the horrible last-resort default font, ‘System’.

‘MS Sans Serif’ is a bitmap font so even on a standard system Autoruns's windows may not look right as ClearType won't be used, as it would be with the default ‘MS Shell Dlg’ mapping to Tahoma or ‘Microsoft Sans Serif’ (which is a different font to ‘MS Sans Serif’, just to confuse you).

So re-installing the font (file ‘sserife.fon’) should restore the usual behaviour... alternatively you could set a FontSubstitute to map it to another font you do have installed, such as:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
""MS Sans Serif""=""Tahoma"""
Guest [Entry]

"Right click on the desktop and choose Properties.

Next, select the Appearance tab and click advanced.

You should be able to change a few of the default fonts from here.

If this still doesn't fix it, it seems like something is broken at the system level.

Go to a Command Prompt window and type the following: SFC /SCANNOW which should scan and replace and system files."