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Windows equivalent command for "open" command on Mac?

Windows equivalent command for "open" command on Mac?

Coming from Mac OS X, you can type:

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"Just drop the 'open' and you're set.

Enter the filename and it will open with the appropriate program.

You'll need to consider the path to the file, so executing the above would only work if the file is within the current directory."
Guest [Entry]

"A few more options to consider.

if you know the name of the application that you want to open the file with you can append the program name before the file: eg. ""notepad yourfilehere.txt"" or ""wordpad yourfilehere.txt"". As mentioned above you must be in the files directory for this to work, alternatively eg. ""notepad C:\PathTo\YourFile\yourfilehere.txt"" and the program that you're trying to launch must be a system application or be added to the PATH system variable
you could use an application launcher program. This technically isn't going to let you open a file from a command line but programs such as Launchy Colibri and FARR enable you to access the programs that open the files much more easily."