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Windows equivalent to Mac Time Machine?

Windows equivalent to Mac Time Machine?

Is there a good product to have backup images of Windows like Time Machine? In case it matters, I have Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Server, with various development tools installed.

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"Symantec Ghost would be the best suitable software.

You can see more here:

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"With Windows Home Server, you get automated daily, weekly, and monthly aged backups. (Time Machine also does hourly.) It is intended to completely restore a system if necessary, even making easy-to-access copies of necessary drivers to do so.

One difference is that instead of buying just an external drive, it requires a whole server box, although they are intended to run headless, so it's not that much more expensive. The integration for ""going back in time"" for individual files is not there; you have to view the entire old backup and poke around.

But as a server box, it will backup everyone on the network (sorta like Time Capsule). It provides an expandable pool of storage -- just add a drive -- and storage redundancy, putting copies in more than one place if possible. It is also intended to be a central media/document server for multiple users."