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Windows Home Server anti-virus recommendations [closed]

Windows Home Server anti-virus recommendations [closed]

Have just got myself a new Windows Home Server (a Tranquil PC model) and loving lots of the features, but I can't help feeling that with all of my valuable data concentrated in one place, it's slightly vulnerable.

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"Thanks everyone, having looked into it further (and followed Gcoupe's link to the WGS security forum) it looks like the front runner for anti-virus on Windows Home Server is currently the following:

Avast! 4 Windows Home Server edition (or the Avast! 4 Professional Family Pack to also get licenses to run Pro edition on up to 10 desktops/laptops for only double the price of the ghome server edition alone)

Other AVs not explicitly for WHS but reported to work properly.

AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 9 (their FAQ recommends this edition, but it is priced more like a business version than a home version)
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Home Edition (they have a knowledgebase article on installing for WHS here)

Important things to note, only buy/install the anti-virus/malware scanner versions of the software, be very careful if you're going to get versions with firewalls and other network scanning, the first thing they'll do is kill all your remote access to the server - this is a big problem on a headless server.

I've decided to go with Avast!

Update: As this question's still fairly popular, I'll add that the free, open-source anti-virus Clam AV has just been ported to WHS (review). Get it from the WHSClamAV project page on Sourceforge. Note that this is just a beta release and isn't finished yet. As such it has some fairly major limitations, it doesn't do on-access scanning yet, only on-demand, it doesn't auto-update you need to manually start it's update, and it doesn't clean viruses by default, just notifies. However it has a lot of promise for the future.

F-Secure Home Server Security 2009 was an option but has now been discontinued by F-Secure - as of March 15 2011 it is considered an end of life product"
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"You might want to invetigate the Security Essentials from Microsoft. Since you're running a home server version of Windows instead of a production version, you might have some luck of getting it installed and working on your setup.

Good luck!"
Guest [Entry]

"Sorry for answering an older question, but this is still one of the top results for WHS and anti-virus...

My company provided me with a license for Sophos to use at home, and that appears to be working fairly well on my WHS 2011 installation.

I did find that the real-time scanning can really downgrade performance; I found that changing it to scan ""on read"" instead of ""on write"" was a significant improvement."