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Windows Home Server Online Backup Solutions

Windows Home Server Online Backup Solutions

Does anyone have any good, well priced online backup solutions for Windows Home Server? I've looked at using s3 but the pricing ends up to expensive with the amount of data I have. Mozy and alike don't support WHS. I was considering just getting a cheap linux VPS and using rsync to backup, if thats possible with WHS.

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"I don't have WHS so can't confirm if any of these work on that, but below are some services that I have used successfully on 2000 and XP. I've listed geographical location, as I've found it can have a significant impact on speed:

SpiderOak (US west coast) - needs their software and is both a sync and backup tool
Dropbox (US and Europe) - needs their software, and is really meant as a sync tool, less flexible than SpiderOak
Humyo (UK) - uses their software or WebDAV over SSL
MyDisk (Sweden) - WebDAV with a Java-based backup client, or web folders.

Sorry for not linking, but I'm under the novice links limitation. The WebDAV ones will work as a mapped drive using Netdrive. All the above have a web interface to let you recovery individual files. Dropbox and SpiderOak have file version history.

Another possibility is Crashplan. Their software is now free, which could let you partner with someone else, so that you back up to them and they back up to you. All encrypted of course, but it does mean opening a port on your firewall."
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"I think ASUS webstorage is worth looking at:


Free up to 1GB
$39.99/yr for unlimited space
Integrates directly in WHS console via plugin. Can select which shared folders to backup


Seems to only backup shared folders... not system drive
Cannot select individual files in shares.

See this review article on HowToGeek."