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Windows Live Messenger uninstall

Windows Live Messenger uninstall

A while ago, I started having problems with the install of Windows Live Messenger which came with an Aspire One netbook - video conferencing didn't work, for example.

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"I had to go through this procedure myself on my mom's pc, after she got one of those msn spam viruses. I ended up having to manually remove stuff from the registry by following a ""How-to""..which I can't seem to find atm (will update if I do).

In the meanwhile, I came over ZapMessenger. A free utility to completely remove messenger installation from you system.

...the one step tool to completely remove Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger 5.x. The first thing ZapMessenger will do is attempt to cleanly uninstall Messenger normally and if that fails for any reason, it will forcibly remove Messenger from the Windows Installer engine allowing you to reinstall at your leisure without hindrance.

According to this blog entry. You could also try the following command. As the comments on that entry suggest, it looks like it works.

How to uninstall Windows Live Messenger 2009 using RUN
To uninstall Windows Live Messenger, click START, then Run if using Windows XP [operating system]
then [type/copy] the following and press Enter: [it works 100%]

msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}"