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Windows loses screen layout

Windows loses screen layout

I'm using a HP Compaq 6510b laptop running Windows Vista 64-bit with an additional 24" screen.

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"I have an HP 8440w atm, which I use with several monitor-setups, depending on where I use it.

I use the built in device profile manager which comes with the ATI-video card. I beleive this is also accomplishable with nVidias device drivers.

There's always some manual step I have to take to quick-switch resolutions on all monitors, but this is easily accomplished by having user-profiles that remember monitor position / resolution / type. Meaning I have 4 user profiles that are either 3 clicks away, or changeable via shortcuts (ex: ctrl + alt + shift + key):

Work: dual screen with docking
Work: 20"" + laptop (left side of screen) on stand (not very ergonomic, but there's not enough docking stations to go around!)
Home: laptop (right side of screen) + 24"" screen
Everywhere: laptop only

I'd recommend checking out the default drivers suppled for your graphics card."