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Windows Mobile and Linux

Windows Mobile and Linux

I currently run Ubuntu 9.10 at home. My wife just bought a Samsung Omnia with Windows ME on it. Is there a way that I can get it to talk to my PC? It came with CD's but the CD's only run under Windows. I have not yet tried WINE, but I am afraid to. WINE has been so hit and miss, that I dread even trying. Any ideas?

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"There appears to be a program called SynCE to allow communication with Windows Mobile, and according to the download and installation page it suggests there are stable versions for most versions of Linux. Hopefully it should be able to achieve what you are after.

While looking I did see a program called Multisync, but it looks like it was abandoned in favour of Opensync which appears to have lost the support for Windows CE.

Windows Mobile is based on Windows CE, hence the SynCE name...

Curious to see how you get on, I'd be tempted to try Activesync on WINE, but doubt it would work as you'd need full USB support in order to communicate with your phone. Perhaps running Windows XP in VirtualBox to get USB access? Not the best solution I admit but given how virtual machine USB support is surprisingly good I suspect it is the most likely to work ..."