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Windows refuses to boot - registry issues

Windows refuses to boot - registry issues

A few hours ago, my system locked up all of a sudden, so I rebooted it.

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"Try logging in Safe Mode (boot & press F8) & make a new account (will mostly not work as HKLM is corrupted) or restore to a previous state using system restore.

If it fails, try repairing Windows again using the CD.

If it fails, I think you may need to clean install Windows again.

If you want to take a backup of your personal data present on the Windows drive (mostly C:) before you format, you can use many free tools which allow you to boot via CD (UBCD) or USB(Pen drive Linux)."
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"Late to the party but this may help others.

Back up your Important data first, just in case you have a failing hard drive


Perform a chkdsk, it may be the only thing that is wrong is file corruption, which this will attempt fix.

Boot from a Vista Install disk or use F8 and choose ""repair your computer"" if it is available.

Use the command prompt to run a chkdsk. Once you are at the cmd line, type the line below and hit enter key, it will take some time to complete, do not interrupt the process.

chkdsk /r C:


How to boot into the command prompt from a Vista DVD or F8