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Windows screen shots via command-line SSH session

Windows screen shots via command-line SSH session

I've browsed the handful of "screen capture" queries here, but I was unable to find anything which addressed my specific need.

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Guest [Entry]

"The following method to capture remote Windows desktop via ssh login worked for me.
Tools needed:

paexec.exe OR psexec.exe
Windows machine runs OpenSSH server

Transfer psexec.exe/paexec.exe, miniCap to the Windows machine.

Login to windows machine: PUTTY.EXE admin@
Execute on the remote machine:

paexec.exe \\ -i -d -s <path_to_program>\MiniCap.exe -nofocus -capturedesktop -save ""screen_$appname$_$date$_$uniquenum$.jpg"" -closeapp -exit"
Guest [Entry]

"Try one of the following commands.

$ import -pause 1 -window root screenshot.jpg

$ xwd -out screenshot.xwd -window root
$ xwd -out screenshot.xwd -window root -display :0.0

And this for extracting the xwd-file:

$ xwud -in screenshot.xwd
$ convert screenshot.xwd screenshot.jpg