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Windows Search Not Indexing Contents of Text Files With .SQL Extension

Windows Search Not Indexing Contents of Text Files With .SQL Extension

I'm having trouble getting Windows Search to index the contents of a text file that have a .sql extension. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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"It seems there is a problem with Windows Search reading the format of the file, even when set in plain text. It is a known problem and has even been brought up here on Superuser!

My best recommendation for now is to use a program that can search the contents of files. It may not be as fast as having them indexed, but hopefully it can get the job done for you.

Four great tools I recommend:

Agent Ransack (freeware):

NirSoft SearchMyFiles (freeware and portable):

Windows Grep:

Portable File Seeker (freeware):"
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"In case there is a problem with the indexing itself, I would try telling search to look at the contents of non indexed files.

Go to any Explorer window and press Alt then go to Tools > Folder Options and click the Search tab, tick the circled option:"
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You may have some luck with the answers to windows-desktop-search-fails-to-search-inside-sql-files.
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"I can only think of two things:

The files haven't themselves been indexed yet (so they show up in a filename search bit not a content search)
I also suggest a test... try putting some SQL files outside your Program Files folder and include that folder in the indexed locations list. Maybe there's a permission issue on the folders in Program Files?"