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Windows Security while Browsing Sites

Windows Security while Browsing Sites

A friend of mine uses Windows XP which runs AVG Antivirus. Although he is a avid Linux user (Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and all that!), he has to have Windows XP on his machine (cos the missus finds that a lot easier!).

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"You could do a quick scan with the GRC ShieldsUP!.
It will scan your system from the Internet as it would appear to any one else on the Internet.
It will also give you good description on what you should do for ports that are open.

After that, SysInternals TcpView is really a good tool to keep handy.
Its already suggested in another answer here."
Guest [Entry]

"Use NirSoft's CurrPorts to monitor opened TCP/IP network ports / connections:

CurrPorts is network monitoring
software that displays the list of all
currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports
on your local computer. For each port
in the list, information about the
process that opened the port is also
displayed, including the process name,
full path of the process, version
information of the process (product
name, file description, and so on),
the time that the process was created,
and the user that created it. In
addition, CurrPorts allows you to
close unwanted TCP connections, kill
the process that opened the ports, and
save the TCP/UDP ports information to
HTML file , XML file, or to
tab-delimited text file.
CurrPorts also automatically mark with pink color suspicious TCP/UDP
ports owned by unidentified
applications (Applications without
version information and icons)

CurrPorts is freeware and portable, no installation is required."